10 Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are The Best

10 Reasons Why Shelter Dogs Are The Best

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! If you’re considering adding a canine friend to your family, adopting a shelter dog would be your best option! If you’re on the fence about whether you should adopt or shop, this article is sure to convince you that adopting a dog is the right choice! Here are 10 reasons why shelter dogs are the best! 

1. You’ll Be Saving A Life

By adopting a dog, you’re giving a second chance to an animal that’s in desperate need of a forever home. Adopting a dog from a shelter frees up space for other strays in need of a place to go. You could also consider fostering to help lighten the load of your local shelter, providing an animal in need with a safe environment, and tons of needed love!

2. They Have So Much Love To Give

Shelter dogs are in desperate need of love and will be grateful for any love you provide in return. You’ll find a loyal companion for life when you adopt a shelter dog! Your new canine friend will shower you with affection at every turn, which is also beneficial for your own mental health.

3. It Costs Less To Adopt

Dog adoption will cost much less than when you purchase a dog from a pet store. Your adoption fee will also go towards helping other dogs that enter the shelter, by paying for their vet bills and treatments, as well as covering food and care costs.

4. They’re Pre-Screened & Treated For Any Health Issues

When a dog is rescued by a shelter, they will have them pre-screened with a vet to ensure that they are free of any illnesses or if they have any pre-existing health issues. Shelters will often ensure that the dogs are treated by vets before putting them up for adoption, ensuring that the dog you adopt will be healthy and parasite-free. 

5. They’re Already Socialized & Trained

When you adopt a canine friend from a shelter, you’ll often find that shelter volunteers or fosterers have dedicated their time towards training and socializing the dogs. Your adopted fur baby will enter your home readily house trained, helping you avoid the headache of cleaning up their messes. If you’re in a home with multiple animals, you may find that the dog you adopt will already be acclimated towards other dogs or even cats. When your new fur baby enters your home, they’ll be happy to befriend your existing pets!

6. They’re Already Neutered, Vaccinated & Chipped

Dog shelters use adoption fees to care for other dogs within the shelter, this includes ensuring that all dogs are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. When you adopt a dog, they’ll already be fully vaccinated, microchipped, and depending on their age, neutered. This will spare you the vet bills you’d spend if you buy a dog from a store. 

7. You Can Skip The Crazy Puppy Phase

This might seem like a downside, but puppies are a lot of work! Younger puppies require a lot of vet visits for check ups, booster shots, microchipping, and vaccinations, which can take a toll on your wallet. You’ll also need to deal with excessive chewing while they’re teething, as well as housetraining messes. With shelter dogs, you’ll have the opportunity to adopt older dogs which will acclimate better to your household, and will likely already be better trained. Not to fear though, if you are specifically looking for a puppy, shelters do have plenty of puppies in need of homes! 

Be sure to check out our article on The Benefits Of Adopting Older Pets to see why you should consider adopting an adult fur-baby!

8. Shelters Give You Options

Dog shelters are full of dogs that differ in size, breed, age and personality! When you visit a shelter, or adoption event, you’ll be given the opportunity to interact with different dogs to find the canine that is right for your family! 

9. They Already Have Established Personalities

With shelter dogs, what you see is what you get! You’ll interact with dogs that have already established personalities, and you can find one that matches your household perfectly! You’ll be perfectly aware of their characteristics and behavior, making it easier to prepare for their introduction to your home!

10. They’re Not Necessarily Mix-Breeds

If you’re a family that is looking for a specific breed, for example, a hypoallergenic dog, you don’t need to turn to a pet shop so quickly, many shelters actually do have purebred dogs in need of homes. They may not always be puppies, but they still need a home to go to! 

Have we convinced you yet? Don’t hesitate too much! Since October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, this is the perfect opportunity for you to visit your local shelter and interact with their dogs to find yourself the ideal canine companion! If you’re still unsure about committing to adoption, consider fostering as well, you’ll still be saving more than one life! Be sure to check out our range of dog products to spoil your new canine friends when they enter your family. 

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