5 Ways to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog

5 Ways to Encourage Positive Behavior in Your Dog

Our canine friends are family. And while they might provide endless fun through play times and affection through cuddles, your dogs will still need training and will need to learn more positive behavioral traits. Training your dog can be a challenge, but with these 5 steps, encouraging positive behavior will be a breeze! 

Train Them Early

Starting training from a young age is effective for establishing good behavior in your dogs. Start with early toilet training and walking them early once they’re fully vaccinated. You could also consult your local veterinarian or dog trainer about what to expect from your dog’s breed. 

Some dog breeds tend to be more energetic at a young age and will require a lot more attention when it comes to training them. You can also start with simple commands early for them to get acclimated sooner. 

Create A Routine

Having a routine not only encourages positive behavior in your dog, but also benefits their mental health. The happier your dog is, the more positively they’ll respond to their training, and less likely they are to act out. 

Stick to as regular a routine as possible. Schedule feeding times, stick to regular walk times, and dedicate some time out of your day for playtime. Your dog will also adjust to your schedule, which will make creating a routine much easier.  

Reward Your Dog With Treats & Praises

Praising your pets or offering them treats during training or when they behave positively is an excellent way to reinforce good behavior. Avoid punishing your dog for bad behavior, as it might encourage anxiety and discourage them from reinforcing positive behavior. 

Give your pet a cuddle, pat on the head or reward them with a tasty treat from our vast collection of dog treats, which will help them associate good behavior with a reward. 

Meet Their Needs

Meeting your dog’s physical, emotional and enrichment needs is an excellent way to encourage good behavior. Ensure that your dog is on a healthy diet from our range of grain-free dog foods and treats. You should also take your dog for regular walks to encourage physical activity and exercise. 

Consider purchasing some of our interactive & enrichment toys to help stimulate your dogs mentally as well. Keeping your dogs happy and stimulated will help them pick up on positive behavior much faster and more naturally.

Use One Word Commands

One word commands such as “sit” “stay” “come”etc. are easier for your dogs to understand and learn. Keeping commands simple and consistent will help your dog pick up on commands and associate them with positive behavior quicker. Try to remain calm when issuing commands and keep a positive tone of voice. 

And there you have it! By using these 5 methods your dog will begin to pick up on positive behavior much faster and easier. We know how tricky dog training can be, but with patience, dedicated time and tons of positive reinforcement, your canine friends’ behavior will improve in no time! When in doubt, you could always contact your local veterinarian for advice, or a reputable dog trainer for extra help. As professionals, they will be able to guide you and your dog towards more positive behavior! For extra help, be sure to check out our range of training and deterrent sprays. Guaranteed to help give you a boost when it comes to training your dogs!

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