Check out these amazing cat litter products

Check out these amazing cat litter products

Our shop is a great place to find the best litter boxes, cat litter, scoops and even litter bags for your cat! We have a variety of different litter products available in multiple sizes, types and colours, and they are all made with your cats’ and your own comfort in mind!

Savic - Nestor Covered Litter Box.

Covered litter boxes are among some of the most popular choices, and it’s no wonder! These litter boxes come in two sizes and multiple colours! They are useful for preventing a mess from your cat burying their “droppings”. The carbon filter on top lessens the severity of the smell emanating from the litter box. They are very easy to take apart and assemble and the deep base prevents any leakage! The top can be removed entirely allowing for the base to be used as an open litter tray, and the handle on top provides ease in carrying and moving the box around if needed.


Cat’s Best - Original Organic Cat Litter.

Environmentally friendly? Check. Flushable? Check. Traps odour? Check! This litter is excellent for many reasons! Cat’s Best Organic Litter is made from plant matter, and manages to absorb your cat’s urine and clumps it all together, making for an easy cleanup! Because of how much it manages to absorb, it doesn’t require you to use large amounts, as long as it’s cleaned every day, the smell won’t be a problem! Being able to flush this litter also makes for convenient disposal and cleaning, just sift out the clumps with your litter scoop, and toss them into the toilet! This is also one of our most affordable cat litter brands. 

MP Bergamo - Shaker Litter Scoop

These little scoops are great for those who prefer to be more thorough with their scoop shaking! The covers on top of the scoop prevent any loose pieces of litter or clumps from falling out, making for a completely clean cleanup. These colours also match up with the MP Bergamo litter box colours, so you could get yourself a full matching litter box set!

MP Bergamo - Minou Cat Litter Box.

These litter boxes come in two sizes and three different colours! The removable rim allows for litter bags to be held in place while also acting as a means of preventing litter from being kicked out. These are very spacious for those cats who prefer open litter boxes and have a deeper base in order to prevent leaking.

Flamingo - Cat Litter Deodorizer

We know that having a litter box around is unpleasant, the smell alone is off putting, but our kitties do need a place to do their business! What if we could make it smell pleasant, or less unpleasant, somehow? That’s where litter tray deodorizers come in! Flamingo has a range of three refreshing scents; Spring Meadow, Wild Cherry & Alpine Fresh. 

Canada - Clumping Litter.

This cat litter is extremely absorbable which makes for the best clumps for cleaning! Canada Litter’s sand granules are also very fine, making it soft for your cat's paws, and easy for them to bury their stools. It’s available in three scents in three sizes; Lavender, Baby Powder and Unscented, for those who prefer to use litter deodorizers, and in 6kg or 18kg, depending on your cat litter quantity requirements. 

canada litter

Flamingo - Cat Litter Tray Paw Mat.

With all the fur around their little paws, it’s no wonder our kitties seem to catch and track litter on our floors! There is a way to prevent it and it’s just as simple as placing a mat around their litter boxes. The Flamingo Litter Tray Paw Mat comes in two sizes, small and large, and three colours, blue, green & grey. The large size is enough to cover the front of even the largest litter box that we stock! This mat is designed with an intricate pattern that catches any litter off of your cat’s paws when they jump out of their litter box. 

flamingo cat litter

Pets Club - Open Cat Toilet, Anti-Spattering Toilet.

Open but also enclosed, this litter box is incredibly effective in keeping the litter INSIDE the box! If your kitty feels a little claustrophobic, the rim can also be removed, though it acts as protection from litter being kicked out the box. This litter box is available in three different colours and one size for all. If your cat prefers to have some open space, and you prefer not to have litter flying everywhere, this litter box is ideal for you!

cat toilet

Flamingo - Cat Litter Bags

Cleaning your cat’s litter box will be not only easy, but also convenient with these cat litter bags! Just simply remove the frame of your cat’s litter box, spread the bag around it, and put the frame back in place to hold the bag down! When it comes to cleaning time, just remove the bag entirely and your cat litter will already be bagged up and ready for disposal! These litter bags also include drawstrings for ease of sealing them before throwing them away.

cat litter bags

LindoCat - Crystal Litter.

These crystals are made of silica, which is not only very absorbent, but also hypoallergenic, which is ideal for cats (or owners) who struggle with sensitivity. When absorbing the urine, the lavender or aloe vera scents, depending on your preference, will then activate. This litter is not only hygienic, but also dust free and effective in preventing bacteria growth and also does not stick to your little feline friend’s paws! 

lindo cat

Simple Solution - Cat Litter Tray Attractant.

Litter box training a new kitten or completely stray cat can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be with this litter tray attractant! This will increase the likelihood of your new kitty returning to their litter box to use as their toilet by using natural ingredients that will have your cats wanting to come back. It’s as simple as just applying a small amount on top of your cat’s litter, mixing it in and getting your cat used to their new toilet! This attractant also works with all types of litter, organic, crystal and even sand! 

cat litter

All For Paws - No Mess Litter Box.

These litter boxes might look strange but they do come with their uses! Whenever your cat jumps in and out from the top, any litter sticks to their paws will fall off, reducing the mess of litter completely, plus all that jumping gets them to exercise a little more! For those who struggle with keeping their dogs out of their cat’s litter boxes, this one is ideal as it prevents them from getting into the litter! The size inside is big enough for your cat to have some space and also give them a little more privacy! They are available in two colours and one size for all cats. 

no mess litter box

Intersand - Odourlock Cat Litter.

This cat litter is made from pure natural ingredients. The clay based formula allows for it to clump faster with ease. This cat litter also traps the odour for up to 40 days, meaning that with regular scooping, you won’t need to worry about changing the litter itself any time soon, it is also dust free, so it will be safe for your cat and your family. It is available in 2 moisture activated scents, lavender & baby powder, or, if you’d prefer, unscented. It’s also available in 6kg or 12kg. If you have multiple cats, cleanup won’t be a problem as it’s designed to be easy to clean during litter changes!

cat litter

Georplast - Shuttle Corner Cat Litter Tray.

The litter tray that stays out of the way! Designed with those who have limited space in mind, this litter box can be easily fit into a corner. The design itself also limits any messes or leakages of any kind and it is available in two sizes and 4 colours. 

Simple Solution - Litter Tray Deodorizer. 

This spray is a wonderful tool to have around when litter box cleaning time comes around. It makes removal of any leftover urine or stool that may be stuck onto your litter box easier, and it is effective in removing the overall smell that may linger as well. This litter tray spray is also clump free and dust free and leaves a lasting pleasant smell after usage. 

Kit Cat - Soya Clump Litter.

This biodegradable and flushable cat litter comes in 9 different varieties of scent and colour! Not only does this litter work effectively in clumping, but it also looks good! This litter is made from Soya Beans, making it environmentally friendly. It is also light-weight and dust free, keeping the air around your home clean, and your cat’s litter box fresh! Your cat’s paws will be grateful, as the litter granules themselves are very soft, making it easy on your little one’s paws. Speaking of paws, it is also low track, so you don't have to worry about your cat walking litter all over your house!


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