Choosing The Right Small Pet For Your Family

Choosing The Right Small Pet For Your Family

Pets are a wonderful source of teaching responsibility to your children. They also help your children learn to be more compassionate and caring towards animals. If you’re looking to add a new fur baby to your family, but you’re unsure as to which way to go in terms of picking a small pet, then this article will surely be of help to you as we will be looking at the various types of small pets that would suit your family best!

Why small pets?

Having a pet can significantly benefit your mental health, as well as your physical health by reducing your blood pressure levels and lowering your heart rate. Small pets are also easier to manage than cats or dogs, though, they do require exercise and do need to be cleaned up after! 


Hamsters are probably the first animals that come to mind when thinking about “small pets”. They’re most certainly among the cutest pets you could have! Hamsters are very easy pets to maintain, especially for children as they don’t require much in the way of training, and don’t require constant attention, nor do they take up much space. Their cage size depends on the amount of hamsters you plan on having, as more hamsters would require more room. Deciding on how many hamsters you plan to have will help you determine the cage size early on, which you can then allocate space for at home. Cleanup is also very easy! Hamsters bathe themselves so they don’t need to be washed, but their cages will still need maintenance. Changing their bedding regularly and every now and then their cage might need a little scrub, but they’re generally very tidy little animals! Even though hamsters don’t need as much attention as cats and dogs would, they would still need proper socialization with their humans so that they remain friendly to being handled and played with. 

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Rabbits are very popular as pets! They’re incredibly cute, and can be just as playful and loyal as dogs, in fact, rabbits are a good alternative pets for those who have allergies to dogs or cats. Rabbits have another advantage over cats and dogs - they’re quiet! Don’t think this means that they’re incapable of noise though, when they’re distressed they can scream, but it is rare. Rabbits are also bonding animals, meaning they will form an attachment to their humans quite easily. Speaking of easy, they’re also easy to train. Rabbits are actually quite intelligent, and are quick learners. Cleaning up after them is very similar to how you would for a cat. Rabbits have litter boxes too, which should be cleaned out frequently, and also tend to bathe themselves, only requiring baths when they get too dirty or messy. Rabbits are also long-term pets, so you should take that into consideration before deciding on having one join your family as their lifespan can reach up to 10-12 years. 

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Nobody can deny how much joy the sound of a bird singing brings, now imagine hearing those beautiful tunes every day at home! Birds are wonderful pets to have, ranging in size, colour and even personality! Birds are social creatures, so they make for excellent companionship and interaction. Birds don’t take up too much space either, depending on how many birds or how big of a bird you have, you’d just need to designate one area for their cage. Birds tend to groom themselves which means you won’t have to worry about giving them baths, just make sure they have clean water and fresh food every day, and that their cages are clean. Parrots are also very fun to have around the house because they can be taught to speak! A bird can also be a lifelong companion, literally. Some birds can live up to 80 years old! A financial benefit to having a bird is that their food is relatively cheaper than most pets’. Birds can also be taught tricks and trained, some birds are even able to fly around the house freely after special training!

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Guinea Pigs:

Guinea pigs make wonderful pets for children and are incredibly popular pets because they are so easy to care for. They are naturally friendly and love to socialize with their humans. Guinea pigs do tend to breed quickly, so make sure that if you have a male and female, they are separated. As long as their cage is clean, full of yummy hay and that they always have fresh food and water, they will be happy little piggies. Because they’re so docile and friendly, they’re ideal first pets for children, they’re a bit more interactive than hamsters and have a lot of personality too. In fact, Guinea pigs are very affectionate and can recognize and get excited when hearing the voices of their family members! The only downside to having one guinea pig is just that: You can’t only have one! Guinea Pigs are social animals and thrive better in groups, otherwise, if you only have one, it might become lonely and depressed. Overall, these adorable, quiet and loving animals make ideal pets for families with children!

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Fish come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and are probably the most diverse type of pet you could get, and you can get plenty of them too! Fish are great for new pet parents who are looking to have a pet, but are limited on space, don’t want mess or noise, and don’t have time for walks or playing. If you’re looking for a single fish, you can’t go wrong with a betta fish, or if you’re looking to have plenty of fish in your aquarium, many fish like tetra, hatchetfish & corydoras catfish thrive in schools. They’re the quietest pets you could ever have, and the only cleaning they’ll need is for their tank itself. Setting up and maintaining an aquarium does take some work and time, but it’s not something that would be required on a daily basis. Just make sure your little fish are fed daily and they’ll be happy.

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Despite their bad reputation thanks to their ancestors, rats surprisingly do make amazing pets, especially for first time pet owners with children! Rats are incredibly smart and can be trained and taught a variety of tricks, and are even capable of completing puzzles. They’re also very clean, in fact, they dislike being dirty and will groom themselves frequently. Like guinea pigs, rats can recognize the voices of their owners, and form bonds with their families, and like dogs, they respond when their names are called. Rats are also very affectionate and love to be pet, held and even cuddled! The only downside to them is that they don’t live for very long, usually only up to two years old, which can be quite hard for pet parents who get attached to their rats. They are great starter pets for children though, because they are so affectionate and patient, they are great for teaching responsibility to children learning how to take care of pets for the first time. 

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Ferrets are ideal for families looking for a pet that’s smaller than a cat, yet bigger than a rat or guinea pig. Ferrets are also some of the most unique pets you can have! They do require quite a bit of attention though, which is ideal for families looking for a small pet to cuddle and play with. Like rats, they are very intelligent and can be taught tricks and trained. Compared to cats and dogs, ferrets are rather quiet, so there’s no need to worry about barking or meowing. Like cats and rabbits, ferrets can be litter box trained with the right kind of litter. While they are adorable and do make wonderful pets, they do tend to get smelly, this can be helped a bit by having them neutered and spayed, and also by keeping their enclosures clean. However, it’s not advisable to bath them too often as this can actually make the smell worse and strip them of any natural oils protecting their hair and skin. 

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Tortoises are unique pets and ideal for families who have specific restraints when it comes to finding a pet. First of all, they’re furless! This makes them ideal for new pet parents who are allergic to cats and dogs. They are very quiet pets too, they don’t make any noise at all. They’re low maintenance in terms of grooming and care, only needing a bath once in a while. They’re very relaxed pets and can be just as affectionate as most cats and dogs could. Tortoises are also lifelong pets, with their very long lifespans, you could have a companion for life! They also don't smell or make much of a mess themselves, even when eating. 

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Last, but certainly not least, we have one of the softest, and cutest rodents to ever exist, chinchillas! Chinchillas are a great pet for those who suffer with allergies but want something soft to cuddle with. Their fur keeps them protected from ticks, mites or fleas but does leave them vulnerable to heat, so make sure your little chinny is residing in a nice cool room. They mostly live in cages, so they don’t take up much space, and bathing them is quite easy, as they bathe themselves in a special dust. This method is used instead of water as water will be damaging to their fur. Bathing themselves in dust is also soothing for them! Chinchillas are long term pets too, they can live for up to 20 years old making them a finely aged fur baby. They’re also fine with being left alone for long periods of time, so for those working pet parents, you won’t have to worry too much about them. 

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