Essential Supplies For Bringing Home a New Kitten

Essential Supplies For Bringing Home a New Kitten

Being a first-time cat parent can be hard, but as long as you’re prepared for them, you’ll have nothing to worry about! Check out these essential supplies for bringing home a new kitten, and you’ll be ready to bring home your new fur baby right away!


A carrier is the first thing you’ll need before you bring home your kitten! You’ll need some way to transport your new fur baby to their new home. Ensure that the carrier you choose is not only spacious enough for your kitten to feel comfortable in with a blanket or towel included, but is also secure. Make sure to check out our wide range of quality carriers, available in a various sizes to suit all your kitty transport needs!

Kitten Food:

You’ll need to feed your kittens of course, and it should be only the highest quality food! Thankfully for your little ones, we stock a wide range of kitten food, varying from dry, to wet, to lactose-free pet milk, and even grain-free diets! These diets are specially formulated to provide your kitten with all the nutrients they need to grow up healthily! 

Food & Water Bowl:

Naturally, you’ll need something to put your kitten’s food inside of! You’ll need a small dish to accommodate their food portions, like the Beco Cat Food Bowl. The Flamingo Bella Kena Bowl or the All For Paws Cat Love Bowl can be used for both food and water as well! These bowls come in a variety of colours to suit your kitten’s sense of style! You could also consider getting a water fountain to ensure that your kitten has a longer-lasting supply of clean, running water!

Litter Box & Litter:

Your kitten will need their own toilet! Consider getting a small litter box that’s easy for them to get in and out of, like the Georplast Shutter Tray. You’ll also need cat litter that’s soft on their paws and doesn’t track around the house. Our personal cat litter recommendation would be Kit Cat Soya Clump Litter!

Collar And Tag:

It’s very important your cat has a collar and identification tag in case you plan for them to go outdoors or in the event that they may get lost! We’d also recommend having them microchipped and registered with your local vet. Check out our wide variety of cat collars and find the best one to suit your kitten’s sense of style!

Scratch Post Or Cat Tree:

Cats need to scratch! Protect your furniture and favourite belongings by investing in either a scratch post, cardboard scratcher or cat tree for your little one! Scratching will not only help wear down your kitten’s nails, but it will also provide them with boredom relief!


Toys are an essential combatant of pet boredom! Every pet needs toys! Spoil your new kitten with a range of toys for their toy box! We have every kind of cat toy you can think of from wands and teasers, to catnip toys to even interactive toys! Providing your kitten with toys will help keep them mentally stimulated and active around the house, which in turn will benefit their mental health greatly. 


Your kitten will need a comfy place to sleep! Invest in a soft, snuggly bed from our collection, and watch your kitty curl up into a ball or burrow inside of their new beds to sleep peacefully! It may take time for your kitten to get used to their bed and they might not sleep in it right away, but you can always get them used to it by keeping their favorite toys or blanket/towel on it too. 

Grooming Supplies:

Grooming supplies are an essential for keeping your pets' hygiene maintained at home. If your kitten is a messy eater, you may find yourself having to clean them frequently. Avoid using human shampoos, conditioners or perfumed wipes when cleaning your kitten off. Instead, use shampoos that are specially formulated for kittens like Bioline Kitten Shampoo. We also have wipes available that are alcohol free and safe for your kitten’s skin! You’ll also need wipes to ensure that your kitten’s eyes and ears are cleaned on a regular basis. Nail trimming is also made easy with our supply of nail clippers & scissors! Make sure to check out our last article on Pet Grooming Dos & Don'ts for an extensive list of grooming care tips!

Training Supplies:

When training your kitten not to scratch, chew or go to the toilet where they shouldn’t, training aids can be extremely useful tools. We have a range of training products that will repel your kittens from certain spots or pieces of furniture, and also train your cats to use their litter boxes and scratch posts!

We know that bringing home a new kitten can come with it’s fair share of challenges, but with each of these supplies, you’ll be ready to take on kitten parenthood right away! Give your cats the absolute best when it comes to supplies by shopping with PetHaus! 

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