Helping Your Pet Settle In Their New Home

Helping Your Pet Settle In Their New Home

Moving to a new house can be stressful, not only for us but also for our pets. It’s an unfamiliar and new environment that they’re not used to, and it can be unsettling for our fur-babies. Thankfully, we’ve prepared this guide for you to help your pets settle into their new home and new environment! With baby steps, you’ll be able to help your four-legged friends acclimate to their new territory with ease!

Use Calming Remedies:

At least a week prior to your move, start using calming sprays, like Pet Remedy Calming Spray and diffusers, like Adaptil and Feliway, around your home, to help your pet feel more at ease. The best places to spray or cover with the diffuser would be your pet’s sleeping spots or areas they frequently play or you could even leave their carrier out and spray it with the calming spray. This will help your pets feel more comfortable and at ease with their carrier prior to the move. 

You can also use calming sprays and diffusers around your new home before your pet enters, so that it’s not only a smell they’re familiar with, but also to ease them into the transition into the new environment. 

Prepare A Room Or Area In Your New Home For Your Pet:

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that you have any blankets, bedding or towels as well as any toys on hand that your pet frequently sleeps on or plays with. Once you’ve assigned a room or area for your pet in your new home, you can fill it with these items so that they have the scent around to help them adjust. Make sure that there is a litter box in the same room, or for dogs, that they have easy access to your garden for toilet breaks. 

For cat’s we’d recommend keeping them indoors for at least 3 - 4 weeks, so that they can familiarize themselves with their new home, which makes it easier for them to find their way back if they tend to wander outdoors. You can also take your cat on walks around your new neighborhood using a cat-friendly harness

Maintain A Routine:

A great way to help your pet adjust to their new home is by maintaining a regular routine with them. Even during the moving process itself, try to stick to regular feeding, walks and play times. Sticking to your pet’s regular routine, will help them settle in easier, and help reduce anxiety and stress. Make sure you continue maintaining their regular routine in your new home as well, as much as you can. Automatic feeders and water fountains can help you keep a regular feeding schedule without having to worry about being on-time while you’re preoccupied with the move itself.  

Provide Them With Lots of Attention:

Dedicate some time out of your day to play with and give your pet a lot of attention and affection. Moving can be stressful, and your pets will sense it. You can help them calm down by spending time with them, and playing with them. We’d recommend using toys that you can play with together, like rope and tug toys for dogs, and wand and teaser toys for cats. Remember, your fur-babies will never get tired of pets and cuddles, so make sure to provide them with a lot of affection during the transition. 

Cats, being more independent, tend to not rely too much on their paw-rents being home constantly, while dogs tend to suffer more from separation anxiety. We recommend that during the first few days, avoid leaving them alone for too long. If you’re planning to run errands, see if it’s possible to bring your dog along, with the right leash or harness

We know that moving can be stressful, especially for your pets, but with a lot of dedicated time, preparation, patience and providing them with comfort and attention you’ll be able to help them transition to their new environment with ease. Soon you’ll find your pet to be happy and thriving in their new home!

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