How to Clip Your Pet’s Nails Without A Fuss

How to Clip Your Pet’s Nails Without A Fuss

Clipping your pet’s nails can sometimes be quite a scene! Claws may fly or they might cause a fuss, making it a very difficult, and sometimes dangerous, task! In this article, we’ll be giving you some tips on how to clip your pet’s nails without a fuss! 

Make sure you’re prepared:

Firstly, you’ll need an appropriate set of nail clippers for your fur-baby. Thankfully, we stock nail clippers for all types of pets! You’ll also need a towel or blanket for the most feisty of fur-babies. For those pets who tend to panic or get nervous when having their nails clipped, you could try using natural calming remedies on a regular basis to help them relax. 

Use a towel or blanket: 

This method is especially useful for cats who tend to wriggle and put up a fight when having their nails clipped. You’ll need to wrap them in a blanket or towel save for the paw you’d like to clip. You can also cover their head alone to help them relax while having their nails clipped, this method can also work for dogs. 

Get your pet used to you handling their paws:

Regularly handling or massaging your pet’s paws will help them get used to having their paws touched, helping make nail clipping easier, and providing less resistance. Don’t force them into letting you handle their paws though, as that will just create more stress and increase resistance. You can also let them sniff around the nail clippers themselves and let them get used to having them around. Let them get used to the idea of you holding the nail clippers casually, so that they don’t anticipate having their nails clipped every time you pick up the clippers and run away. 

Clipping their nails:

  1. Gently press on their paw pads softly to expose their nails, don’t push too hard as it will be uncomfortable for them. 
  2. Start by clipping the tips of their nails, avoid cutting too deeply around the quick. The quick can be spotted as either a blackish or pinkish line within their nails. Cutting too close to the quick will lead to bleeding and will hurt your pet. 
  3. Keep a calm voice while clipping their nails to help them stay relaxed.
  4. Once you’ve clipped all their nails, you can give them a treat, so that they can positively associate the experience with a reward. 

Keeping your pet’s nails healthy:

You can help your cats maintain healthy nails by providing them with a scratch post or cat tree. For dogs, take them on regular walks when it’s not too hot on pavements, this will help file down their nails as they walk. 

Regular nail clipping also helps to avoid ingrown nails, as well as discomfort from having their nails grow too long, which can sometimes even lead to infections or severe pain. Your pet’s nails should be clipped at least once a month to keep them healthy. You’ll notice that their nails are too long when you hear them tapping on the ground as they walk. 

If you’re still having trouble clipping your fur-babies nails, you could always consult with your local veterinarian for advice, or even better, have our handy grooming team trim their nails with our affordable grooming packages! 

With this handy guide, clipping your pet’s nails should be a breeze! Just remember to remain calm and patient with them, to ensure that they’re relaxed and at ease. Make sure to give them plenty of treats as a reward for behaving! 

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