How To Groom Your Pet According To Their Coat Type

How To Groom Your Pet According To Their Coat Type

New pet parents may not realize this, but how you would groom your pet will depend on their coat type. Today we’ll explore the different types of pet coats, and what brushes and shampoos will be best for them.

Long Coats


For long haired cats and dogs, we would recommend using Pin Brushes for soft, long fur, for example; The ConAirPro Pin Brush, which is available in three sizes to suit all types of cats and dogs with long fur. If you’re looking to remove knots & tangles, we would suggest using the ConAirPro Slicker brush for cats and dogs. To remove undercoat fur to prevent shedding, Furminator carries a range of brushes that can be used to clean up your pet’s undercoat. Other brushes that would be suitable for long haired pets would include double-sided brushes and rake brushes. 


Long haired coat pets benefit from using detangling shampoos as well as regular conditioning, we would recommend products like Tropiclean Long Coat Shampoo, Animology Knot Sure, & Earthbath 2-in-1 Cat Shampoo

Medium Coats


Slicker brushes like the ConAirPro Slicker Brush work excellently with medium haired cats and dogs, and are available in different sizes to suit your pet. You could also use a double-sided brush which also has soft bristles to brush off any excess hair collected from using the pin side. Undercoat brushes work well for reducing shedding too. 


We would recommend any of our shampoo collections for medium coats, more specifically you could use Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Pet Shampoo which is soothing for sensitive skin and helps clean all coat types.

Short Coats


Believe it or not, short coats can also do with a good brushing every now and then. For short coats we would recommend pin brushes like the ConAirPro Pet It Soft Pin Brush, which fits comfortably in your hand and lets you brush away your pet with ease. You could also use the Mikki Bamboo Bristle Brush if you’re looking for a softer alternative. 


For short haired dogs, the perfect shampoo to use would be Tropiclean Perfect Fur Smooth Coat Shampoo For Dogs, and for cats, you could use any one of our Cat Shampoo selections, or Kit Cat grooming wipes

Wire & Curly Coats Coats


Curly coats and wire coats require similar brushes to long hair and medium coats, we would recommend Undercoat brushes, double-sided brushes, and also rubber brushes like the ConAirPro Pet It Curry Comb which gently massages your pet as you brush their fur. 


Wire and curly coat dogs also require specialized shampoo, which is why we would recommend using Tropiclean Perfect Fur Curly & Wavy Coat Shampoo For Dogs. This shampoo is formulated for thick haired curly coats, like poodles and bichons, and reduces tangling and maintains their coat’s texture and health.  

Double Coats


Thick, double coats tend to produce a lot of shedding, which is why you’d need the right type of brush to rid your pet of any excess undercoat fur. The best type of brush for these coats would be rake brushes, like the ConAir Pro cat and dog rake brush, undercoat and deshedding tools like Furminator brushes also work exceptionally well for ridding your pet of any excess fur. 


Tropiclean Perfect Fur Thick Double Coat Shampoo is an ideal dog shampoo for double coats, as it reduces tangles and knots, strengthens your dog’s fur and provides them with a deep clean that will leave them looking and smelling their best. 

Hairless Coats

Naturally, for hairless pets, brushes aren’t necessary, but bathing them definitely is. This is why we would recommend products such as Vet’s Best Waterless shampoo for dogs and cats, and Earthbath Oatmeal Shampoo to support and soothe their sensitive skin.  

White Coats & Black Coats

Thankfully we carry specific shampoos for coat colors too! For white dogs, we know how much of a hassle it can be to keep their coats looking presine and shiny. This is why we would recommend shampoos such as Beaphar White Coat Blue Shampoo & Earthbath Light Color Coat Brightener Shampoo.

Black coats require a special shampoo too, to maintain their shiny look and healthy feel. For black haired dogs we would absolutely recommend using Beaphar Black Coat Shampoo.

Sensitive Skin

For those fur babies that have skin sensitivities, we have you covered. Sensitive skin shampoos are abundant on our website and you can take you pick from 

Earthbath Hypo Allergenic Grooming Foam for Dogs, or Vet’s Best Oatmeal Medicated Dog Shampoo (16oz) for dogs, and for cats you could use either Earthbath Hypo Allergenic Cat Shampoo or Beaphar Anti Allergic Shampoo for Dogs & Cats. Any of these options will have your fur babies feeling more comfortable and less irritated after grooming sessions.

Puppies & Kittens:

We haven’t forgotten about the little ones either! We carry special shampoos for the littlest ones too! For puppies we would recommend using either Animology Puppy Love Shampoo, Earthbath Tearless Puppy Shampoo, Bioline Puppy Shampoo or Beaphar Puppy Shampoo. Each of these are specially formulated to protect sensitive puppy skin, and to keep their fur soft and healthy as they develop. 

We have your kittens covered too! For those baby cats, we would recommend using our top pick for kittens, Bioline Kitten Shampoo, which helps support sensitive skin and fur, and leaves your kitten’s coat looking shiny and healthy!

And with that, you’re all set to groom your pet according to their coat type, go get their brushes and shampoo and make them look fabulous! Of course, if you’d prefer to not groom them yourself, we have you covered there too! With our fantastic Mobile Grooming Team, you can have your pet’s hygiene taken care of at your doorstep! 

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