Our 5 Pet Food Brand Picks

Our 5 Pet Food Brand Picks

With all of the brands we carry, you might feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the right one for your fur-baby. Thankfully we have you covered! In this article we’ll list our 5 picks for food brands that you should consider feeding your pets! From specified diets catered to their breeds and needs, to grain-free, natural options that are both healthy and delicious, here are our 5 pet food brand picks!

Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a very popular, pet food brand that is beloved by cats and dogs around the world. One of the reasons why they’re so popular is because they cater to not only specific pet breeds, but also our pet’s specified needs. For example, for pets who struggle with weight gain there are light weight options available for cats and dogs of various sizes. There are also diets that cater to digestive care, cat & dog dermatology care, and breed specific care. Puppies and kittens also have dedicated diets in the form of wet and dry food, and for newborn, they even offer milk formulas for baby kittens & puppies

What makes Royal Canin a great option for growing pets is that you can keep your pet on the same brand-diet until they’re seniors, making transitions easier, and less likely to cause negative reactions. 

Taste Of The Wild

If you’re looking for a healthy diet suitable for all breeds, then Taste Of The Wild is the food we’d pick for you. Their food comes in a variety of flavors for cats and dogs, including wet food & dry food. It’s high in protein and also contains natural probiotics to ensure a healthy digestive system for your fur-babies! There are also three variants available, grain-free, limited ingredients, and ancient grains. The kibble size is also small by default, making it suitable for pets of all sizes, but there is also an option for small breed dogs, and puppies. 


Orijen Dry Food is packed with healthy and natural proteins, guaranteed to make a delicious meal for your fur-babies! It’s available in various flavors for both young and adult cats and dogs. There are also options for pets who are in need of weight loss in their Fit & Trim variety. Whether your pet prefers meat or fish, Orijen will have something they’ll love!

Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen is an extremely popular pet food brand with so many flavor variations that your pet is guaranteed to find something they love among them! Their natural, tasty, wet food contains real pieces of meat and vegetables that your pets are sure to gobble up happily. Their dry food is also grain-free and high in protein, ensuring a healthy meal for your fur-babies. They also have options for both puppies and kittens, all the way to senior cats and dogs, making transitioning their food as they age easy. If you want to keep your pet’s diet strictly Lily’s Kitchen, you can also reward them with Lily’s Kitchen’s wide variety of treats


Ziwi Peak pet food is the MOST natural pet food you can find! Their dry food diets consist solely of air-dried meat & fish. This diet is completely organic, grain-free and free of any antibiotics or growth hormones. This diet is great for pets who suffer from any allergies or sensitivities to artificial ingredients. If your picky pet prefers wet food, don’t worry! They have healthy, natural, wet food options available too! 

With these options, you’re bound to find a brand that you’re happy to feed your fur-baby. These are brands we stand by and they’re guaranteed to be beloved by your pets! Don’t forget, when you’re switching food brands to mix them gradually to get your pet’s stomachs accustomed to them over time!

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