Our Christmas Gift Picks For Your Pets

Our Christmas Gift Picks For Your Pets

If you’re like us, we love to leave gifts for our pets under the tree too. They’re part of the family of course! We’re sure you’re thinking of getting them just any generic toy or treat, but why not choose from our new line of Christmas themed toys and treats!

Armitage Good Boy Festive Treat Pack

These 5 christmas treat packs each have their own types of treats, depending on your dog’s favorites:The “Superlicious” pack contains Chicken with Broccoli & Sweet Potato Sticks, Chicken with Apple & Cranberry Sticks and Chicken with Apple & Cranberry Bones.

- The “Deli” pack contains Beef Bites, Chicken Bites and Duck Bites.
- The “Chewy” pack contains the Pawsley Strips with Chicken, Pawsley Twists with Duck and the Pawsley Twists with Chicken.
- The “Oh So Natural” pack contains Apple with Chicken Chews, Banana with Chicken Chews and Carrot with Chicken Chews.
- Lastly, the “Crunchy” pack contains Chicken, Duck and Mini Chicken Crunchies!

These treat packs are made up of the best-selling, and tastiest Armitage treats, your dogs are sure to love these gifts! 

Christmas Cat Toys:

What’s better than a normal cat toy on a stick? A Christmas themed one of course! The Bobby Gingerbread Cat Pole and the Reindeer Cat Pole will be jolly additions to your cat’s toy collection! Your cat will adore chasing after these Christmas themed toys on string! 

If your cat prefers to play on their own with their toys, then The Holiday Mouse would be the best pick! This toy can initially be hung as a Christmas Tree ornament, and on Christmas day you can open it up and give your cat the prize inside; the little catnip-filled Christmas themed mouse toy! Watch your kitty play happily with their new gift! 

Christmas Dog Toys:

Give your dogs a very chewy Christmas! Bobby’s Christmas Friend Dog Toys are plush toy and tennis ball hybrids that are available in 3 different styles, a penguin, a snowman and a reindeer! These adorable toys are sure to bring your dog some holiday cheer! 

If your dog prefers a more cuddly toy, there is also the Bobby My Bunny Christmas Plush Toy. This adorable little bunny toy is perfect for cuddling or chewing! Spice up the toys under your tree by adding these must-have Christmas Dog Toys!

Christmas Accessories: 

Finally, we have the Santa Dog Hats! Available in either a plain hat or a candy cane hat, dress your dogs festively this year and have them look adorably jolly in these hats! Better yet, share your photos of your dogs with us on our Instagram page, and we will share them to our stories! We’d love to see your little ones full of Christmas Spirit!

Spoil your pets this year and have a “Furry Christmas” with our new range of Christmas-themed pet toys! Your cats and dogs are sure to adore these gifts! 

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