Our Top Pet Toy Picks

Our Top Pet Toy Picks

Toys for pets are a necessity! They keep them busy throughout the day, and keep them happy and entertained! Sometimes as pet parents, we need a break too, and finding that toy that will keep your dog chewing away or your cat out of your hair when you’re working from home is exactly what we may need! Here are our picks for the best toys for your fur-babies!

All For Paws - Cuddle Knot Rope Toys

These adorable stuffed soft toys come in three designs; Sheep, Monkey & Horse. The super soft coating of these plushies are made from lambswool, and the legs are made of a durable rope that your canine companions will love to gnaw on! Chewing on this rope actually has some dental benefits too, as this rope has been specially designed to help with keeping your dog’s teeth healthy. This little cuddly toy also has a squeaker inside it’s tummy area, this will also help keep your dog from losing interest in these toys. 

Gigwi - Refillable Catnip Toys

Looking for a small, plushy toy to keep your kitties entertained? Then these little toys are ideal for your feline friends! Not only do they have adorable designs, but they also include catnip pouches which you can slip inside to make these toys extra irresistible! Featuring a rabbit, mouse or even duck design to suit their style, watch your little ones bat and toss these toys around playfully and happily! 

West Paw - Dog Toy Collection

Dogs love to chew, that much is obvious, but finding the right toy that’s irresistible AND durable can be a challenge, especially for the more avid chewers. West Paw offers a range of chew toys that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a classic, durable chew toy that can withstand excess chewing then we definitely recommend the Hurley Bone, available in 3 sizes to suit your dog’s breed and chewing strength. You could also consider the Tux Treat Toy which, like the Hurley Bone, is incredibly durable, but with an added feature; you can fill it with treats to make it even more enticing! Other varieties include frisbees, balls and tug toys! Keep your canine friends occupied for hours on end with these high-quality chew toys!

All For Paws - Cat Wands

Looking for a fun bonding activity to do with your feline friends? Then the All For Paws Teaser wands are the ideal choice! They’re not only a fun game to play with your kitties, but also an excellent way to encourage exercise! From plushy to fluffy, to feathery teasers, your cat is sure to enjoy these toys immensely. These teaser wands are also available in a variety of colors to suit your kitty’s paw-sonality!

Gigwi Plush - Shaking Fun Toys

These soft, plush toys squeak when shook by your dogs! Great for those maulers who love to chew and play roughly with their toys! The more these toys squeak, the more they encourage your dog to play! They’re also great for tug games, making them a great toy for playing together. Available in 5 different varieties to suit your canine companion’s preferences, you can’t go wrong with these Shaking Fun Toys!

All For Paws - Jittering Fish

This flopping fish toy does exactly as the name suggests, it jitters around for your cat to pounce and chase! The All For Paws Jittering FIsh comes with catnip pouches that you can slip inside the toy to make it more exciting and enticing for your feline friend. The best part is, it’s rechargeable! So if your kitty tires out after play time, you can simply recharge the toy to get its energy back as your kitty rests!

Kong - Classic Toy

Nothing beats the classics! The Kong Classic toy is a tough, durable chew toy that your dogs are sure to adore! It can be even better when you add a tasty spread or treat inside, like the Kong Stuff’N Real spread or the Kong Ziggies Treats to add a bit more motivation to their chews! These toys are ideal for keeping your dog busy or distracted at periods of time, with the added bonus of maintaining their dental health!

There you have it! These are our top picks for cat and dog toys, guaranteed to be a hit in your home! Spoil your pets with our wide range of toys across our website, and they’ll certainly love you for it!

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