Pet Friendly Destinations in the UAE

Pet Friendly Destinations in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is full of dog parents who often wonder about where the best spots to take their fur-babies are. Whether you’d want your dog to join you on a camping trip or hotel, or even just to accompany you for dinner, we are looking at our top picks of pet friendly destinations that you’re sure to love bringing your canine companions to! 

Before we dive in…

Having your dog (and sometimes cat) out with you in a public place may be fun and exciting for both yourself and your pooch, but remember never to let your dog off its leash, and to always advise people, before they approach your dog, whether or not your dog is friendly, and always remember to clean up after your pup. Leaving a mess behind will discourage beaches, restaurants or hotels from allowing pets to join their families too, so as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that any mess left behind is picked up and disposed of properly. 

If you’re planning to spend your summer in the UAE, then definitely check out these spots! 



  • ME Dubai.

ME Dubai is a luxury 5-Star Pet-Friendly hotel located near the Burj Khalifa, it’s ideal for those looking for a more local stay-cation experience with gorgeous views of the city’s heart. This hotel offers a more futuristic experience for those wanting to have some pampered and stylish relaxation time with their pet.  

  • Radisson RED Hotel Dubai.

Radisson RED Hotel is located in Silicon Oasis and is a very contemporary style hotel with its own stylish and artistic themes. The hotel’s staff warmly welcomes your pets to join you on your local stay-cations, in fact it is so welcoming that your pets can even accompany you into the hotel restaurant as well! 

  • Hotel Indigo Dubai Downtown.

Another pet friendly hotel located in Downtown Dubai, Hotel Indigo is a popular stay-cation spot for pet parents and their fur children. Pets are even allowed to go into the pool area with their two-legged parents!  


  • Arrows & Sparrows.

Arrows & Sparrows is a popular pet-friendly cafe located in The Greens residential area. The location is a bonus as it’s closer to other popular residential areas such as Al Barsha and JVC, where there are many pet parents looking for something to do with their fur babies on weekends. Staff also make sure to provide your little ones with their own bowl of water & dog treats so that they also feel refreshed.

  • Breeze & The Tap House, Club Vista Mare.

Looking to spend the day in Palm Jumeirah? Well you can certainly bring your furry friends with you to these two pet friendly destinations! Club Vista Mare has you covered with not only one, but two pet friendly restaurants! Breeze is a Caribbean Barbeque themed restaurant, while The Tap House is a pub style restaurant! Whichever is more your scene, your little friends will be welcome!  

  • LDC Kitchen + Coffee.

Located in JLT, LDC Kitchen + Coffee is yet another pet friendly restaurant your dogs can tag along with you too! In fact, it is SO pet friendly that they once hosted a “pet furniture painting workshop” where customers could customize their own “Furnature” brand of leash holders. Pet lovers will enjoy relaxing here with their pups over coffee and cakes.

  • Social Distrikt.

Family friendly, pet friendly, what more could you ask for? How about freebies for your pups at lunchtime every Saturday? Well, Social Distrikt is feeling generous! There are even games for you and your friends or family to play while you socialize or wait for your orders. This trendy spot located on Palm Jumeirah might be just the perfect outing for your whole family, fur babies included! 

  • Cycle Bistro, Motor City.

This bicycle themed cafe is a favorite of doggie parents in the Motor City area. Its outdoor seating provides the perfect place for you to catch up with your friends and their pups too! 

Beaches & Parks:

  • ​​The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah.

Fancy a beach day with your family? Wanting a pet friendly beach to bring your fur babies to? At The Pointe Beach in Palm Jumeirah they are more than welcome to spend the day with you relaxing on the beachfront! With pet friendly restaurants within the area, your whole day can be enjoyed at The Pointe Beach!

  • Palm West Beach.

Palm West Beach is another pet friendly beach located on The Palm Jumeirah! Dog walks just got a little more exciting as now you’ll have the beautiful beachfront view to enjoy! Just make sure to clean up after your little one when they’ve done their “business” in the sand.

The Other Emirates:

Abu Dhabi

  • Rahal Ranch, Abu Dhabi.

If you’re planning a trip to the UAE’s capital city and you want to bring Fido along, then make sure you stop over at Rahal Ranch in Abu Dhabi! The Ranch also has the option for overnight stays, with chalets awaiting your accommodation, and there is no extra charge if you bring your canine companions along. Your kids (or yourself) could even get some horse riding lessons during your stay at the ranch, it's an ideal getaway for the whole family, including the furry members!


Ras Al Khaimah 

  • RAK Glamping.

If you’re planning a staycation in Ras Al Khaimah and you want to bring your fur-family, then RAK Glamping is the ideal place to relax and enjoy some gorgeous views of the Ras Al Khaimah mountains as well as the quietness away from the City. RAK Glamping offers visitors the “Glamorous Camping” experience, as the name suggests, as guests will be staying in their luxurious, air conditioned Bedouin tents, cabin lodge, or even their own tents! Guests can relax with their families and canine friends, and even enjoy the pool, firepits and BBQs alongside their dogs, friends and family! 

  • BM Beach Resort, Ras Al Khaimah.

This dog friendly beach resort caters to both you and your doggie (for an extra cost). While you relax, your pup can relax with you! There are even special treats available for your little ones if you feel like spoiling them! If you would like to participate in the resort's activities, you can leave your furry friends in the hands of the doggy daycare, there’s even a grooming facility available too if they’re in need of a little pampering and styling! 


  • JA Hatta Fort Hotel.

This hotel in Hatta offers you a dog friendly room, for an extra fee, if you’re looking for a staycation with your companion. This hotel has gorgeous mountain views that the whole family is sure to appreciate. If you request in advance, your dog-friendly room will be provided with a little bed for your dog as well, and even some toys too. There is also a special pet menu for an additional 80AED. There is a large area outdoors where your dogs can stretch their legs and run around to their heart's content! With various activities available for the whole family, this trip to Hatta is sure to be one to remember!

Umm Al Quwain

  • Kite Beach Center, Umm Al Quwain.

If you’re stay-cationing around Ras Al Khaimah or Umm Al Quwain with your dogs, or if you just feel like driving with them, then be sure to check out the dog friendly beach at Kite Beach Center in Umm Al Quwain! There are activities for yourself or your whole family to enjoy, and your dog is sure to love running around on the sand! There is even a dog welcoming cafe available on the beach. If you feel like staying for more than just the day, there is also the option to camp overnight for an additional fee. 

Remember, it is every pet parent’s responsibility to ensure their dog is properly behaved, trained and leashed when out in public. As pet parents, we are very lucky that more and more pet friendly destinations have been opening up! We hope you enjoy your staycations this year! 

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