Premium Pet Products for Dogs & Cats

Premium Pet Products for Dogs & Cats

We’re going to be looking at some of the best pet products you can get from our website.

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West paw dog bone

This is a very popular chew toy for dog-parents! It is among the most durable chew toys in the market, and your dog will be occupied for hours with them. They’re great for playing fetch, and come in extra small, small, medium and large for all dog breeds.

Learn more about  West Paw - Drifty Seaflex Dog Toy

Oxyfresh water additive

Brushing our pet’s teeth can be a challenge, but what if there was a way to clean their teeth & freshen their breath without the struggle of getting them to sit still and behave while trying to get close with a toothbrush? Oxyfresh Water Additive solution is exactly what you need! Just add a cupful per litre of water, and your pet won't smell or taste the difference! It will do all the cleaning work for you, and your pet’s teeth and gums will thank you for it. 

Learn more about Oxyfresh water additive

Infinity loop scratcher

Have you ever had a delivery at home and your cat goes straight for the box, shredding the cardboard to bits? The Infinity Loop cat scratcher goes one step further and provides a thick surface for your cats to scratch away, and has openings which your cat can crawl and hide inside, and allows for them to relax on top of it too. This scratcher is sure to be a hit!

Learn more about Infinity Loop Scratcher

vesper cat trees

Vesper Cat Trees 

These multi-level cat trees come with caves for your cat to sleep in and provide the perfect climbing and scratching utopia for your kitty. Protect your furniture and give your cats & kittens their own little space with Vespers range. Designed to look good in any home decor theme and blend as part of your furniture. Your cat will feel like the king of his own castle with any of these cat trees!

Learn more about Vesper Cat Trees

cat water fountain

Catit senses 2.0 water fountain

Many cats love to drink from running water sources, which is why the Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain is ideal. It holds up to 3 liters of water, and runs it through a filtration system and out of the top with clean fresh water for your kitties to drink. The flow of the water is also adjustable, as well as the height. If your cat doesn’t want to drink from the waterfall from the flower, the flower can be removed and filtered water will flow normally for your cat. It also is available with a nightlight, so as to help cats find their water in the dark!

Learn more about this water fountain

dog bed

Midwest Quiet time tulip bed

Beds so comfortable that you’ll wish you had one for yourself! These cloud-like pet beds come in 3 sizes to fit from small cats to big dogs! They’re machine washable so they are a breeze to clean up. Have your pet sleep in the lap of luxury on one of these beds today!

Learn more about the tulip bed


Zee.Dog/Zee.Cat Collars, harnesses & 

Bright, colourful and unique designs for cats and dogs of all ages and sizes! Zee Dog And Zee Cat have something to match every pet’s personality and every pet parents’ style! Not only are they fashionable, but also durable. From the smallest to largest of dogs & one size fits all for all cats. Match collar and harness designs with the leashes or mix them up! The leashes come with a sturdy clasp to ensure that it is secured to the ring from either the harness or leash, depending on your walking preference. The airmesh harnesses are designed keeping comfort and security in mind for your dog. For those cat parents who take their kitties with them on walks, there are options for you too! Zee.Cat provides a range of cat harnesses with matching leashes designed to have your cat walking securely with you, while also leaving them non-restricted and comfortable! -

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