Preparing Your Pets For When You Go On Vacation

Preparing Your Pets For When You Go On Vacation

Going on vacation is exciting, but as a responsible pet parent, it's crucial to ensure that your furry friends are well taken care of during your absence. Whether you're entrusting them to a pet sitter or opting for a boarding facility, proper preparation is key to ensuring their safety, happiness, and well-being. In this article, we'll walk you through the essential steps to prepare your pets for your vacation, along with valuable tips for pet sitters. 

Choosing Your Pet’s Care. 

Before you start booking your flights and packing your bags, you’ll need to ensure that you have the proper care planned for your pet. Firstly, you can research boarding facilities to find one that you feel comfortable leaving your pet with. We recommend checking reviews and visiting the facility directly, to form your own opinions and to get a better idea of where you’ll be sending your pet. The advantages of sending your pet to a boarding facility is that they’ll have professional care, and dogs will have the chance to interact and play with their fellow canines. Some boarding facilities even offer training for your pet, and swimming pools for dogs. 

Another option you can consider is hiring a pet sitter. The advantage of having your pet cared for by a sitter is that they won’t need to leave their home and they will remain in a comfortable environment. They will avoid being stressed or anxious in a new place, and they can maintain their regular daily routine. 

Introduce Your Pet To The Pet Sitter.

If you’ve decided to hire a pet sitter, it’s important that both yourself and your pet meet them beforehand. This will help you see how well your pet reacts to the sitter, and allows your sitter to get to know your pet beforehand. Let them spend time together while you’re there, so that they can familiarize themselves with one another. It will also give you a good opportunity to show your pet sitter around the house and show them around your house and provide them with instructions for your pet’s care. 

Prepare a Detailed Pet Care Guide. 

To ensure that your pet’s daily routine is uninterrupted, and that your pet sitter will have clear instructions, prepare a detailed pet care guide that you can print out and leave for your sitter. This guide should include feeding instructions, walking schedules or exercise requirements, medications if needed, dietary restrictions, instructions for maids or gardeners, and emergency contacts. Your emergency contacts should consist of whomever you trust most to assist in the event of an emergency, such as a family member, a close friend, or neighbor. 

Your guide can also include any behavioral quirks to be alert for or what your pet’s favorite toys are and where their usual hiding spots are. Check our customers favorite cat toys and dog toys. You should also include the contact and emergency contact number of your preferred vet. You can also prepare a set of instructions for the boarding facility if you’ve chosen to send your pet for boarding, with feeding and medication instructions, as well as the emergency contacts. 

Pack a “Pet Essentials” Kit. 

If you're planning to send your fur baby to a boarding facility, you’ll need to prepare the essentials they’ll need to be as comfortable as possible. Make sure this kit includes one or a couple of their favorite toys, their bed or preferred blanket, their food and treats, any medications they will need to take and any other items they need or use on a daily basis. This will help your fur-baby feel more at ease in a new environment.

Recommended items for cats and dogs:

For Cats:

Cat Toys
Cat Beds
Cat Food
Cat Treats

      For Dogs:

      Dog Toys
      Dog Beds
      Dog Food
      Dog Treats

        Ensure Their Identification Information Is Updated.

        Before you leave for your vacation, you’ll need to ensure that your pet has their identification tags up to date with your current address and mobile number. We also suggest taking your pet to your vet to make sure that their microchip works, and that the information linked to it is up to date and correct. 

        We recommend letting your vet know that you’ll be away, and provide them with the contact information of the boarding facility or the pet sitter caring for your fur-baby. This way, if the worst were to happen and your pet goes missing and they’re found, or in the event of an emergency, you’ll be notified right away. 

        Make Regular Check-Ins While You’re Away.

        Ensure that you’re able to keep in touch with your pet sitter or boarding facility while you’re away. In addition to providing emergency contacts, you should also make sure that you’re available at some parts of the day in case whomever is caring for your pet will need to get in touch with you with any questions or concerns. You could also request that your pet’s caregiver send you daily updates on how your pet is doing, along with photos or videos. This will help keep your mind at ease while you’re away, and let you know that your pet is doing completely fine. 

        By following this guide for preparing your pets for when you go on vacation, you’ll give yourself peace of mind, as well as ensure that your pet is properly cared for while you’re away. Remember to plan accordingly, and communicate clearly to make sure your pet feels safe, comfortable and happy while you’re on your journey! Have a paw-fect vacation! 

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