The Benefits Of Adopting Older Pets

The Benefits Of Adopting Older Pets

A lot of new pet parents looking to add an animal friend to their family will instinctively purchase a puppy or kitten from a pet store, but did you know that there are countless older pets in need of homes, either living on the streets or in shelters. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of adopting an older pet, and hopefully convince you to give one of these animals in need a loving forever home. 

Older Pets May Already Be Trained

If you’re adopting an adult or senior pet, you may find that they don't require much training as they tend to already be trained. Many foster homes or shelters will work towards training and educating pets and will teach them how to walk on leashes, not to chew or scratch, and most importantly, toilet train them so that they know to use a litter box or go outside. Older pets can also pick up on training and new commands much faster than a younger pet who is just starting to learn. 

Older Pets Are Grateful For Any Love And Homes They Receive 

There are so many desperate strays in need of homes, many of which are adults and seniors. After spending most of their lives looking for a loving family, these pets will be extremely grateful for a warm and welcoming home. Adopting an older pet will give you a companion who will love you unconditionally, and a friend for years to come. 

Older Pets Tend To Have A Calmer Temperament

Older pets will have grown out of their young, energetic life phase. You may find that an older pet is much calmer than a puppy or kitten, even more so if they’re already neutered. Being less energetic means that they require less exercise, and shorter walks. You won’t need to worry about calming down or tiring an older pet. 

There Are More Strays In Need Of Homes

With so many strays on the street, not all of them have been neutered, which only continues to increase the stray population. With this ever growing number of animals out on the streets, there are more and more in need of homes, and less room for shelters to take them in. Instead of going to a pet store to purchase a puppy or kitten, consider visiting your local shelter to adopt one of these older strays. Not only will you be helping shelters make more space to help more animals, but you will be giving a forever home to an animal that truly needs one.  

It’s Cheaper To Adopt A Pet From Than To Purchase From A Pet Store

Speaking of pet shops and shelters, adopting from a shelter will be much cheaper than purchasing a pet from a pet store. Mixed breed animals from shelters are just as deserving as purebred kittens or puppies from pet stores, and will cost much less. Adoption fees also go towards rescuing and helping more strays, so your money will be making a positive impact on the lives of other animals too.   

Older Pets Are Less Demanding

Puppies and kittens require much more care, attention and training as opposed to older pets. Younger pets require feeding 3-4 times a day, whereas with adult pets you’ll only need to feed them twice a day. Older dogs would require less walks, and older cats wouldn’t need as much playtime either. With older pets you don’t need to worry about giving them constant attention throughout the day, and will not be as vigilant as to what they’re getting up to when you’re not looking, such as chewing or scratching things that they shouldn’t be, or house training accidents. 

Older Pets Are More Likely To Be Socialized With Humans And Other Animals

Older pets, especially ones that have been living in shelters, will have a higher chance of already being socialized with other animals and people. This makes it much easier for them to be introduced to new pets or family members in the house. It also makes it easier to take dogs out to parks, daycares or play dates without having to worry about whether or not they will get along with other dogs. It also makes walks much easier as they won’t pull or try to run off to chase other dogs or cats. 

Older Pets Already Have An Established Personality And Behaviors 

With older pets, what you see is what you get. If you’re visiting a shelter while looking for a new pet, you can spend time with different animals to find one that suits your personality. Older pets already have an established personality with their own behavior as well, as opposed to puppies or kittens who develop their personality over time. This is especially useful for new pet parents who haven’t had experience with pets before, giving them a chance to find a pet that is much easier to handle.  

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