The Benefits Of Using PetHaus Cat Hotel

The Benefits Of Using PetHaus Cat Hotel

Are you looking forward to a relaxing vacation but are concerned about what to do with your feline friends while away? Worry not! We have just launched our luxurious Cat Hotel! Here are 6 benefits of our Cat Hotel and why you should book your cat for their stay! 


We provide quality accommodations and expert care along with reasonable prices! So much so in fact that during our launch, we’re offering all new Cat Hotel customers a 20% discount on their first stay! Not only that, but Cat Hotel clients can also get 15% off food purchases from our store as well as 15% off grooming while their cats are staying with us! 

Comfort & Convenience: 

We’ve designed all of our accommodations with comfort in mind! We have 3 different types of suites available that can accommodate from a single cat up to 4 cats. Your cats will be extremely comfortable in our spacious suites. We also offer parasite treatment in the form of Fiprotec for only AED40, ensuring your cats will be protected from any ticks or fleas. 

We also offer a pick up and drop off service for AED80, which will provide you with extra convenience and one less thing to worry about before traveling. Your cats will be in safe hands with our pet-friendly drivers! 


Spacious rooms


Multi-cat Accommodation: 

If you’re a proud parent of multiple cats, and you don’t want them separated, worry not! Our double and family suites are ideal for cats that prefer to reside with their fellow feline family members! Our family suite can accommodate up to three cats, and we can even make arrangements for extra cats if you coordinate with us in advance. Our family suites have enough space for your cats to comfortably relax and move around without feeling cramped. 

Family suite


Expert Care By Cat Lovers:

Our staff are all animal lovers with experience in animal handling! Your kitties will be in the best hands, receiving a lot of love, affection and care from our wonderful staff. We guarantee your cats will return home to you happy and cared for! 

Play Area: 

You won't have to worry about your kitties being cooped up all day in their suites when they’re staying in our Cat Hotel! We have an extremely spacious play area where they can stretch their legs, run around and play to their little heart’s content! Our play area features a cat tunnel, large cat tree and various scratch posts and toys! Each cat or group of cats will have a turn in the play area to ensure that they’ll all have an opportunity to get some exercise! 

Play Area


Grooming Care: 

Cats staying in our Cat Hotel will have access to our expert grooming services at a discounted rate! Our groomers provide excellent, quality grooming sessions which includes bathing, hair cuts/shaving, nail clipping, ear & eye care, anal gland evacuation and teeth brushing. When you book your cats for a stay in our Cat Hotel, you can also request the additional grooming service, so that when they’re back home they’ll have a fresh, clean new look! 

Comfort, care and peace of mind are what you can expect when you book your cats in for a stay at PetHaus Cat Hotel! Your feline friends will feel absolutely loved and pampered by our wonderful staff! Book your fur-babies for their stay before the holidays and give yourself a stress-free vacation, simply contact us on +971 58 553 9664 or book here!

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