The Benefits of Using PetHaus Mobile Grooming

The Benefits of Using PetHaus Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming has become a popular means of giving your pets a makeover! But why should you consider PetHaus Mobile Grooming? We’re going to take a look at the benefits and conveniences of having your pet groomed at home, within our grooming van!

Convenience & Less Stress For Yourself & Your Pets! 

Sometimes transporting your pets to a grooming parlor can be stressful for both yourself and them. You’ll also need to take time out of your busy day to schedule dropping them off and picking them up once they’re done. Being in a completely different environment with new sights and smells can also be overwhelming for your fur-babies, not to mention they’ll have to wait in a cage around other animals making a lot of noise while they wait for you to pick them up. Mobile grooming offers you a stress-free alternative! Our groomers will arrive at your doorstep, so all you’ll need to do is take them right outside, with no need for a long, traffic-filled journey. The best part is, once your pet has finished their grooming session, they’re dropped off right at your door! 

For those pet-parents with fur-babies that are not so friendly with others, you won’t have to worry about them interacting with other people or pets either! Your pets will receive exclusive one-on-one attention from our groomers!

Our grooming van also visits every location around Dubai, and for an additional fee of AED50, we can visit your homes in Sharjah or Ajman too! Talk about convenience!

Our Groomers Are Experienced With All Types Of Pets!

Your pets are in the best hands with our grooming team. They take the utmost care in providing a specially catered experience for your fur-babies, no matter their age, breed, or species! Our team has groomed the likes of birds, kittens, puppies, and senior dogs & cats. Know that your pet will receive extra special attention, especially your older pets. Our groomers are gentle and careful while ensuring that your pets remain calm. Not to mention, they’ll receive a lot of love from our animal-adoring team!

Booking An Appointment Is Easy! 

You could call or WhatsApp us directly for quick and easy scheduling. Alternatively, you can also schedule a Mobile Grooming appointment directly via our website without even needing to pick up the phone! Simply choose the service you’d like, checkout, and our team will arrange the appointment for you! 

A Variety Of Services For A Great Price!

Our groomers offer a range of services from washes, to haircuts, to hand stripping, or all of the above! With all of our packages, we offer complimentary services such as nail clipping, ear & eye cleaning, teeth brushing & anal gland evacuation! All of these packages are priced affordably from AED160 upwards, depending on the size of your pet and the package chosen. If your pet is extra-scratchy, consider having nail caps put on, our groomers carry a variety of nail cap colors to suit your pet’s sense of style!

Below is a full list of our packages and prices:

Convenience For Multi-Pet Families!

For those pet parents who have more than one or two fur-babies, transporting them back and forth can be a hassle, which is why our grooming van is the most convenient option! Your pets won’t need to wait their turn in any cages, and can wait in the comfort of their own homes! Once a month “mass groomings” are the most convenient ways to clean multiple fur-babies at once! 

So don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment! Our team can’t wait to meet your happy fur-babies and give them the make-overs they deserve! We GUARANTEE that after their first session, you’ll be wanting our team to come back again!

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