Top 10 Best Products For A Healthy Pet

Top 10 Best Products For A Healthy Pet

Keeping our pets healthy is a top priority, along with regular vet visits and check ups, there are also methods you can use at home, with products you can find at our shop! Today we will be looking at the Top 10 best products we recommend to keep your pet healthy & in good shape!


Lets face it, dogs can be greedy, especially when it comes to their food. Instead of eating properly most dogs tend to practically inhale their food, finishing it instantly. But did you know that this is actually rather unhealthy for them? Eating too much too fast for a dog will not only cause vomiting, but it also causes them to bloat. This is where a slow feeder comes in INCREDIBLY handy. Such a simple product can do wonders for your dog’s health! By having to navigate the obstacles within the food bowl, your dog ends up chewing its food more and feeling full a lot quicker. This is also very much beneficial in weight loss for dogs, as feeling fuller faster means your pup will eat less. We stock a variety of slow feeders in our shop and on our website, so take a look at which may be most suitable for your pooch’s diet!

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With products that cover cats, dogs and even birds, My Beau’s range of oil supplements are ideal for maintaining the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy skin & coats, eyes, teeth, and keeping your pet healthy overall. 

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As our fur-babies get older, they require maintenance, just as we do. For some, joint stiffness may become an issue, which is why natural supplements such as Lintbells Yumove are ideal for our geriatric cats & dogs to improve their mobility. 

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We all know the struggle of trying to brush our dogs and cats’ teeth (cats putting up even more of a fight) but what if there was a way to clean their teeth and gums and also freshen their breath without the struggle? Oxyfresh’s Water Additive Solution spares us the fight and provides our pets with healthier mouths by just adding 1 cap full per litre! They won’t smell, or taste the difference! A successful deception!

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Have you ever looked outside your window and found your kitty grazing on your fresh grass? For some it may seem like something to be concerned over, but not to worry, your cat hasn’t developed a cow personality complex, they’re simply seeking out fibre for their digestive system. Of course the best thing to do is always consult your vet, but if your cat is missing out on some vital nutrients, the most natural way for them to get it is through grass. If you’d rather not have your cat chewing up your lovely garden, or if you live in an apartment, then cat grass is ideal for your little feline. It is grown either out of a dedicated planter or right out of the packaging, and is actually healthier for your cat than the grass you’d find outside, as it contains no pesticides or any other harmful chemicals. Cat grass is fast growing and very easy to maintain, sprouting within a few days, and giving your cat a natural, healthy source of fibre. Visit our cat grass collection for a variety of options!

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Formulated for all types of pets, Vetafarm Spark Liquid is a rehydration solution with plenty of electrolytes to keep your pet energised & hydrated. In addition to its effectiveness, it's also fast acting, so when your feathered or furry friend is feeling under the weather, Spark Liquid is ideal for offering support against their ailments. 

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A convenient way for rabbit parents to ensure their bunny babies get all the nutrients they need to stay healthy is by adding Beaphar’s Rabbit Vitamin Solution to their water. Full of Vitamin B, C, E & K your rabbit will be hopping with joy with how healthy they feel!

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Don’t worry fish-parents, we haven’t forgotten your finned-family! A good way to provide your fish with a healthy and thriving environment is by ensuring they receive the right vitamins & nutrients. Seacheam’s Nourish & Vitality liquid provides just that, and it's as simple as soaking your fish’s food with these supplements. Rich in essential vitamins and amino acids, your aquarium will be protected against diseases and ailments. 

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For this one, we’re focusing on a healthy mind! A bored cat is bad news, they can become frustrated, resulting in them being destructive & aggressive. Not only is a puzzle feeder ideal for keeping your cat busy and distracted, but also provides a means of mental stimulation and boosting their overall mood, thus decreasing their boredom.  Puzzle feeders like the All for Paws Cat Interactive Puzzle Feeder are also excellent at controlling and limiting weight gain in cats, just as the slow feeders do for dogs, cats will eat slower, get full faster and therefore slim down. Puzzle feeders & interactive toys are also beneficial in slowing down feline dementia, keeping your kitty’s mind stimulated may halt the spread of any cognitive dysfunctions. A healthy mind makes for a healthy & happy cat!

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Combining a dog's favorite hobby with teeth cleaning, dental treats are an ideal way to care for your dogs dental health and also keep them occupied! How do they work? Dog treats are created with a certain texture that acts as a toothbrush while your dog is chewing away. They’re not only ideal for just cleaning, but also for reducing plaque and tartar, and maintaining healthy gums! This way, cleaning their teeth is fun for them too! Browse through the range of dental dog treats we carry in our catalogue now!

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