Top 10 Cat Products We Couldn't Live Without!

Top 10 Cat Products We Couldn't Live Without!

Part of being a responsible cat parent is ensuring that our feline friends receive only the best of the best in terms of food, toys, treats and accessories! In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 cat products that we couldn’t live without! 

10. Gigwi Refillable Catnip Toys

These plush cat toys come with little catnip bags that can be tucked inside the toy itself to encourage your kitty to play! They’re available in different styles to suit yours and your cat’s preferences! Watch your little cat chase and play happily with these toys! 

9. Catit Cat Grass Planter

Cat grass is full of healthy benefits for your feline friends! Your cats need fiber to help keep their digestive systems healthy, as well as to pass hairballs. Cat grass provides them with plenty of fiber, without pesticides that are often found on garden grass. This planter keeps your cat grass neatly growing without mess. We also stock refills so that whenever your cat grass runs out, you can plant more, it grows really fast too, so your cats won’t have to wait too long for their next round of cat grass!

8. All For Paws Fish’N Wand

These teaser wands are a purr-fect cat toy for playtimes with your kitty! Watch them leap, chase and attack the soft, plush fish on the end of the rope! They’re great for encouraging exercise and engaging in playtime. We’re certain that this wand will be your cat’s new favorite toy! 

7. Fauna Madena Cat Pole

This cat pole doubles as a bed and scratch post! It’s small enough to fit in any apartment, but can provide enough entertainment and a comfortable sleeping space for your cat! For those kitties who love to hide away, there is also a cave included at the bottom of the pole! Save your furniture with this handy scratch pole and cat tree combination. 

6. Taste Of The Wild Dry Food

Taste Of The Wild Dry cat food is high in protein, grain-free and full of natural probiotics which makes it healthy for your kitty’s digestive tract. You’ll notice after feeding this healthy food to your cat that they’ll have a healthier stool, a shinier coat and a stronger immune system! You can’t go wrong with this dry cat food diet!


5. Cat's Best Litter

This organic clumping cat litter is made from 100% organic materials and is odor binding! It’s soft texture makes it gentle on your cat’s paws, and also produces very little dust. It can last up to 7 weeks before needing to be changed completely, as long as it’s cleaned regularly. The best part? It’s flushable, making cleaning much easier! 


4. Kit Cat Wet Food

Kit Cat wet food is all-natural, grain-free and high in protein! Your cats are sure to go crazy when you open up a can of this delicious food! It’s available in 20 different flavor combinations, including options for kittens, you’re sure to find one that your feline friend will adore! 

3. All For Paws No-Mess Litter Box

Say goodbye to litter covered floors, this covered litter box has a top-down design where your cat can jump in from the opening on the lid. When they jump out, the lid catches any loose litter that may be stuck to their paws. The design also reduces the strength of the smell that emulates from the litter box. If you have dogs that have a habit of getting into your cat’s litter, this litter box will also prevent that! Its large size means it is also suitable for larger cat breeds! This one is definitely our pick!


2. Kit Cat Purr Puree Treats

These all-natural, grain free puree treats are the ideal soft and creamy reward for your feline friends! They’re available in 26 varieties of flavors, featuring fish or chicken, so you’re sure to find one your kitty will adore! Watch them jump around and meow excitedly when you pull out a sachet of these delicious cat treats

1. CatIt Flower Fountain

Cats LOVE drinking from flowing water, which is what makes these cat water fountains perfect for your feline friends! With its adorable flower design, filtration system and large capacity, you won’t need to worry about constantly filling their water bowl with this fountain! It’s also available in an LED light variant, making it easier to spot water levels at nightime. 

And there you have it! The top 10 cat products we certainly couldn’t live without! Make sure you check out the rest of our range of cat products! We supply everything you could need, from food, to treats, to toys, to accessories! We have the best of the best! 

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