Why You Should Consider Adopting A Pet

Why You Should Consider Adopting A Pet

We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “adopt, don’t shop.” but have you ever considered why that phrase is so important? There are so many animals out on the streets and in shelters who are struggling to find a place to call home, and they all deserve a chance. We’ll be diving into why you should adopt a pet as opposed to buying them. 


Firstly, let's take a look at the misconceptions people tend to have when considering adopting. As with any instance where you’re bringing a pet into your home, there are always concerns and risks. Those risks apply regardless of where your pet comes from. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about adopting a pet is that you’ll be “adopting an animal with prior issues”. This is definitely not true. Granted, there are the few that do need to be placed into homes suitable for their background and needs, but this is not the case for all. Some of these animals looking for homes can be just as, or even more, loving than any pet you can buy from a pet store or breeder. Another misconception is that rescues and mixed breed pets require much more training and are harder work. Any pet, regardless of breed, is unpredictable. If you adopt a puppy young, it would require the same amount of training as one that was bought. For adult cats and dogs, the training may have already been done for you, as most shelters and rescuers work with the animals to ensure they’re socialized, rehabilitated, toilet trained or litter box trained & ready to be adopted by their new forever family. Shelters will also pair you with dogs and cats that are best suited for your family or lifestyle.

If your preference is a specific purebred pet, there is always a chance you might find that particular breed at a shelter. Often purebred cats and dogs might be used for the sake of breeding, and sometimes, discarded to the streets, surrendered, or rescued directly from puppy mills. These dogs and cats will end up at a shelter and would be looking for a family willing to give them love. 

Reasons Why You Should Adopt.

You’re giving a second chance at life to an animal who needs it.

Arguably the most important reason you should adopt a cat or dog is because, simply put, you would be saving a life. Due to the large amount of stray dogs and stray cats on the streets, shelters and rescuers are overwhelmed, and they can’t save all of them unfortunately. When you adopt a stray cat or dog from a shelter, you’re creating room for more animals to be rescued. You are also giving a second chance to an animal that hasn’t had a proper chance in the first place. You’d also have that satisfactional feeling of “I’ve just saved a life” and the gratification of doing such a good deed. 

You’re helping create a chain reaction, and helping other animals as a result. 

You’re not just saving one life by adopting a shelter pet, but you’re potentially saving more. By adopting a dog or adopting a cat, you’re helping break the cycle of stray cats and dogs increasing through breeding. When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you’re opening up more room for other animals that are out on the street. When rescued, shelters will ensure that mature dogs and cats are spayed and neutered to prevent further pregnancies. That means less animals on the street and also a decrease in the amount of strays breeding. By adopting, you’re also automatically becoming an advocate for shelter pet adoption. This may influence your friends or family members to also consider adopting when looking to bring a fur baby into their home. This could impact the lives of so many stray cats and dogs looking for their second chance!

Adoption fees are less expensive than buying from a pet store or breeder. 

Purebred pets are expensive, regardless of whether you’re getting your pet from a breeder or pet store, it will cost you a lot of money. Adoption fees for shelter pets are much lower than retail fees of pets being sold commercially. The adoption fee amount is enough to cover the vaccinations and neutering fees of your new fur-baby and to help the shelter rescue more animals. When you purchase a pet at a pet store or breeder, not only are you paying for the cat or dog, but you’re still completely financially responsible for vaccinating and neutering them as well. 

Your adoption fee goes towards helping more animals.

When you pay an adoption fee for your fur-baby, you’re not just paying to adopt a new pet, but the money you spent on the adoption goes towards funding the rescue of other animals, rather than just into somebody’s pockets. This money is used for food for the animals, beds, and most importantly, the vet bills. One of the biggest tasks shelters accomplish when rescuing animals is ensuring that they are fully vaccinated and neutered. Having the cats and dogs neutered is a big priority for these shelters as it avoids the increase of the stray population through further breeding. 

Older pets might be suitable for certain people or families. 

Puppies are A LOT of work. They are very active with very high energy. Their bladders are still small, so they require a lot of toilet breaks, which, in some cases, they’re not yet trained for depending on the circumstances. And they chew EVERYTHING during their teething phase. For families or individuals who don’t have enough time to handle training, or are unable to handle a pet with high energy, an older pet might be more well suited. With an older cat or dog, you’re still giving them the love and family they deserve, but you’re also getting a calmer & more likely trained pet that knows how to walk on a leash or use a litter box without any fuss.

You still get to choose your new fur-baby.

Like you would as though you were going to buy a dog or a cat, you still get to choose your pet when adopting. Some shelters will even have a portfolio for each pet, categorized by their personality, needs, and size. If you’re looking for a small dog who’s calm and good with children, or a cat that loves to play, then they will have the right animals in mind for you to interact and play with until you’ve found the right one for you. You’d have the option to choose based on their personality, fur type, energy levels, size, etc. You’ll probably find that these pets are so grateful for your love that they will remain loyal and affectionate to you. If you’re still unsure about the commitment to the cat or dog of your choice, you could always do a trail adoption. Trial adoptions work like fostering, and you’d get to see if your potential pet is compatible with your family or lifestyle. 

A Few Points To Remember.

Adopting a pet is a big decision and is a lot of responsibility in many aspects. Even though it is cheaper to adopt, a pet still requires financial commitment and stability to ensure you have the means to take care of them. You are also making a commitment to a long term care taking role, and certain cats and dogs can live sometimes upwards of 17 years if lucky enough.

Rescue organisations and shelters work hard so that these animals can have better lives, and it is important to respect their adoption processes. Most of the people working at shelters are volunteers too, and the shelters themselves do not make a profit from the adoption fees.

Make sure you have your new fur-baby scheduled for a check up from your local vet to make sure that they are healthy and don’t require any additional medical care. Your vet will also be able to answer any questions you may have about your new cat or dog, and will be able to advise you on how to keep them healthy and happy.

If you’re adopting young, you will have to put a lot of effort into training your new puppy or kitten, and they will require a lot of attention and effort. So be sure that you are up to the challenge. Frequent feedings, bathroom breaks for puppies, behavioral training, etc. It is hard work but they are worth it!

Don’t forget to spoil them with lots of treats and toys from PetHaus!

The most important thing to remember, however, is that these animals are in need of a lot of love and affection, so make sure to give them loads of it!

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