There's many accessories you need for your home when being a cat parent. One of the most important things to consider is hygiene & cleaning as well as disinfectants. We stock products from brands like Simple Solution and Safe4 which are all products you can use to clean your home (and your pet's mess). And to make sure your cat does not destroy and scratch the human furnitures, we have a selection of repellants and training aids that can help you with that. Want to make your kitty really happy - why not get some catnip for her! If your cat is allowed to go outside but you are not always around to let her out or back in, why not install a pet door for them which grants them 24/7 access to the house. As well if your cat is allowed to roam outside, please make sure you get her a pet ID tag with your name and contact details - this way should kitty ever get lost her mum or dad can just be called! There's something for everyone - visit our cat apparel & gifts section!


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