Your cat's health is very important, hence we have a fully equipped healthcare section in our store just for your cat! As most cats do not like to have their teeth brushed but still need some basic dental care, we have several products that can help you with this. If your cat is allowed to go outside, regular flea and tick treatment is essential - we offer everything from spot-on treatments, to sprays and shampoos. Most of these products help against itchy skin as well - which is often caused by fleas. Our skin & coat products offer a wide range to maintain a healthy look of your feline friend. Keeping your cat's ear's and eye's clean is important as well, shop our Ear & Eye products and be rest assured you will find the products you need to help maintain basic grooming and cleanliness of your cat. If your cat requires vitamins and supplements to their regular diet - we have a wide selection from various brands for you to choose from to ensure to find what you need. Is your cat stressed when settling in a new home or going to the vets? Try our calming aid collection!


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