Litter and litter boxes - a very common topic amongst cat parents. At Pet Haus we understand the importance of having the right litter box, the right litter and the right accessories to make the litter box experience for your cat a pleasant one - meaning that their business goes where it belongs. We offer both open litter trays for sufficient space for the cat and closed/hooded trays. If you do not like cleaning the litter box yourself we even have semi-automated litter boxes for your cat! For the cat parents liking to go old-fashioned, we have plenty of litter scoops to get the litter box cleaning done just as fine! Not sure which litter is the best? Try from our wide range of clumping, non-clumping and crystal litter. We offer biodegradable litter options which are good for the environment. Whilst each of these litters are made from different material and feel differently on your sensitive cat's paws - there will be one litter your cat likes! Make sure you get required litter hygiene products in order to keep kitty's box clean. 


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