The dog's feeding spot inside your home is a very important factor to consider. The food and water bowls should be easily accessible, yet in an area of the house where the dog can have a quiet moment to eat her food and drink her water. With the right accessories you can create a feeding oasis they will love and cherish. At Pet Haus we offer a wide variety of feeding accessories including feeding and watering bowls made from stainless steel , ceramic or non-toxic plastic, elevated feeding bowls and automatic feeders as well as water fountains.  Try a slow feeder if your dog gulps down his food. Out for a long walk? Explore our on-the-go travel bowls. Does your dog make a lot of mess whilst eating? We got you covered, with our colourful and fun feeder place mats to easily clean up any mess after meal time! We also offer treats & food storage boxes so you can be sure your pup's food will alway remain fresh. 


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