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Welcome to the Luxurious PetHaus Dog Daycare in Dubai!

The PetHaus Dog Daycare in Dubai offers custom-built dog condos and a play area to accommodate your canine family members. Our fully-licensed accommodation comprises a total of 12 luxury suites, built to accommodate 1 dog each.

Call / Whatsapp for bookings: 058 553 9664 or book for off season or peak season now. 


Dog Daycare Options:

A home away from home for your dogs!

We recognise that dogs are attached to their homes and spaces, which is why our dog daycare in Dubai offers accommodation that is soothing and stress-free for your pups.

Interior Designed Dog Suites

Our luxury dog daycare & hotel suites include: 

  • Sleeping and resting areas
  • Play area 
  • Beds
  • Toys
  • Food and water bowl

Highlights of our Dog Daycare & Hotel in Dubai

The experience our Dog Hotel & Daycare at PetHaus offers is designed to be as close to our canine guests’ home life as possible, with one-on-one care and room service offered as standard.

  • Fully climate-controlled: Your dogs will enjoy an environment that is optimal to their wellbeing. 
  • Huge play area:  Each of our guests can access the play area throughout the day. All dogs will be allowed into the play area, & the play area will be made accessible to all our guests on a rotation basis.  Our spacious play area allows our guests to play and exercise as well as relax.
  • Expert care: Our staff are passionate about pets and animal welfare and believe in making every guest feel like part of the family: We will look after your dogs as if they were our own.

How much does Dog Daycare in Dubai cost?

Please note we currently only accept occupation of small to medium sized dogs.


MORE THAN 2 DOGS: If you have 2+ dogs to accommodate, please get in touch & we we will prepare a special quote for you. 

Parasite Treatment: Upon check-in each dog will receive external parasite treatment (fleas and ticks) with Beaphar FIPROtec Dog. The charge is AED40 per dog. 

Pick-up / Drop-off Services: We offer pick-up and drop-off services at AED80 per way, available within Dubai only. Your dogs needs to be kept inside their travel carrier or on a leash. 



  • Summer: June 15 - August 31
  • Christmas: December 8 - January 3
  • Spring Term Break: (exact days vary each year)

A deposit of AED500 will be required to confirm your peak-season booking. Should you need to cancel your dog's stay, we will accept cancellations with a min. of 3 days notice to ensure to refund the AED500 deposit. 

Expert Care Comfortable Accommodation


Peace Of Mind
Affordable Boarding 


  • Each individual dog/dog family will have access to our spacious play area.
  • Dog condos are fitted with beds, toys, and food and water bowls. Each condo has a sleeping/resting area. 
  • Water is changed several times a day, bottled water only. 
  • Dogs will be taken out for toilet breaks regularly.
  • Bowls, litter trays and the condos themselves are cleaned and washed with pet-safe products (F10 products). 


  • All our guests will be fed with Taste of the Wild dry food by default which is included in the daily rate.
  • We highly recommend that your dog sticks to their usual diet during their stay with us and that therefore you provide enough food for their stay. You can purchase their regular food and treats upon check-in from our on-site retail store at a 15% discount. We stock all major brands. Please call us to discuss any details about feeding requirements
  • We will ask you for your exact feeding guidelines upon confirming your booking to ensure we are well prepared for your dog's stay. In the absence of any dietary requests, we will be providing Taste of the Wild dry food. 
  • Although we provide bedding in the dog suites, we recommend bringing your dog's own bedding to help them with settling in. Having a familiar scent from home, along with their own scent, will help them settle better.  


  • Dogs (male & female) over the age of 6 months must be neutered/spayed.
  • All dogs must be microchipped and vaccinated. The vaccination record must be provided upon making the booking. 
  • Check-in/Check-out is open from 9am to 5pm. For late check-in/check-out please call us in advance to arrange accordingly. 
  • All prices are per night, inclusive of VAT.
  • Included in the prices is our inhouse food Taste of the Wild (dry food only), water and overall care.
  • All dogs boarding with us can avail a 15% discount on their first mobile grooming session (after their stay). View more details on our Pet Haus mobile grooming offering now.
  • All fees for boarding, parasite treatments, food if any and any other additional services must be paid in full upon check-in. All unplanned additional fees such as extended stay or any medical issues arising must be paid in full at the time the service is provided. 
  • Payment can be done upon check-in with credit card or check. You can choose online payment as well. 

Find the right accommodation for your dog!

Prefer to have your dogs looked after from the comfort of their own home? You can book our pet sitting services here too!

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