Pet Hotel

Welcome to the Luxurious PetHaus Pet Hotel in Dubai!

The PetHaus Pet Hotel in Dubai offers custom-built cat and dog condos as well as a play area to accommodate your furry family members.

Call / Whatsapp for bookings: 058 553 9664 or book for off season or peak season now. 


A home away from home for your pets!

We recognise that pets are attached to their homes and spaces, which is why our pet hotel in Dubai offers accommodation that is soothing and stress-free for your fur-babies.

Highlights of our Pet Hotel in Dubai

The experience our Pet Hotel & Daycare at PetHaus offers is designed to be as close to our pet guests’ home life as possible, with one-on-one care and room service offered as standard.

  • Fully climate-controlled: Your pets will enjoy an environment that is optimal to their wellbeing. 
  • Huge play area:  Each of our guests can access the play area throughout the day. All dogs will be allowed into the play area, & the play area will be made accessible to all our guests on a rotation basis.  Our spacious play area allows our guests to play and exercise as well as relax.
  • Expert care: Our staff are passionate about pets and animal welfare and believe in making every guest feel like part of the family: We will look after your fur-babies as if they were our own.


Expert Care Comfortable Accommodation

Peace Of Mind
Affordable Boarding 

Find the right accommodation for your pet!

Prefer to have your pets looked after from the comfort of their own home? You can book our pet sitting services here too!

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