Welcome to PetHaus!

PetHaus is the newest online pet store in town, established in 2020. We provide a wide range of pet supplies for dogs, cats, small animals and birds and have a small selection of products as well for amphibians, reptiles and equestrian. At PetHaus we understand that your pet is a four-legged family member that deserves only the very best, from food to treats and accessories.  We are committed to make caring for your pets easy - from the moment you land on our online store, right up until we fetch and deliver your order, right to your door!

How it all started

Our founder Christina has had pet cats since a young age and even helped stray cats in her small town back in Germany when she was a teenager. In Dubai she picked up her desire of helping stray animals and has helped countless cats to have a better live, amongst them her own 3 beautiful Arabian Maus. As a pet parent and animal lover, Christina has followed her passion in setting up an online store to ensure pet parents have access to the best pet products for their beloved furry and feathery family members. 

PetHaus in the community

We're more than just an online store: we're a group of people passionate about the care and welfare of pets around the country. To find out how we give back to pets in need, click here (add a link to adoption make blog posts here of adoption and food donations)

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