Q. I don't have an account yet. How do I set this up?

If this is your first visit to, please start by selecting the products you are interested in by adding them to the basket. Once you have everything you need, you can proceed to the checkout by selecting the checkout basket. You will then be taken to the checkout page where you will be asked to complete your details such as name, address, contact number etc. You will be asked to select your payment method and accept our terms & conditions before proceeding to final checkout.

Please make sure you create a customer account as well via the Create an Account option - this way your information is stored for all future orders and deliveries. Make sure you log into your account before you place your orders. This way you will be able to see an overview of all your orders or subscribe to our Autoship program. 

Q. I can't find a product that I know you stock
Sometimes we do run out of stock even of the most popular items and we have to wait for our suppliers to deliver them. We will always either notify you online if a product is out of stock or remove them completely if they will take longer to restock. If you have any questions, please contact us on or send a what's app message on +971 55 1965 858 and our friendly staff will assist you. 

Q. I can't add an item to my basket
Please send a what's app message on +971 55 1965 858 and ask to speak to our customer care team. There may be a glitch in the system that needs our attention.

Q. Do you do discounts? If so how do I get one?
Yes, we keep coming up with different promotions & offers to delight our customers.

We will notify our customers on our website, mobile app and social media channels of our special promotions and sales items on a variety of products. 

Q.I have just placed an order and realized I have forgotten something. Can I add to the order?

Of course you can! You can either place a new order and in the CUSTOMER NOTE mention that you have recently placed an order and that your additional items should be added or you can send a what's app message on +971 55 1965 858 with your order number and we can update your order on your behalf.  

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash on delivery (and our drivers always have change) and accept online payments through our payment gateway. We accept the following cards: Visa, Master, and American Express. If you make a purchase from your mobile via our mobile app you can pay through Apple Pay as well should you have an Apple device. 

Q. I have forgotten my log-in details. Who should I contact?

You can conveniently reset your password through the 'Forgot my Password' function on the sign in button on top of our page. The link will prompt you to reset your password. Should you face any technical issues please contact us on or message us on +971 55 1965 858  and we will assist you.


Q. How do I know when my order will arrive?

Once your order has been placed, our logistics team will start planning a delivery time for you. They will call you to arrange a time that is convenient to you. We will take into account any special requests such as particular delivery times. Most orders can be delivered the following day if they are in stock with us and our suppliers.

Q. Can I specify delivery times?

You can specify a delivery time, however our logistics team will confirm if your requested time can be achieved as the timings are planned based on location and using the most economical route possible in order to ensure speedy delivery to all customers.

Q. My delivery hasn't arrived. Who can I call?

You can message us on +971 55 1965 858  to follow up on your order. Please have your order number ready.

Q. I won't be at home at the designated delivery time. What can we do?

You can leave an order note whilst checking out with specific instructions where to leave your order in case you are not at home, i.e. with a neighbor or in the garage etc. Our driver will take an image of the order and where it has been placed as proof the item has been delivered and will notify you accordingly. cannot take any responsibility for items that might have been removed / taken when they are required to be placed outside whilst no-one is at home to receive the order. 

If you selected Cash on Delivery as payment method and you are not at home, please note that we will not be able to deliver and leave the order as mentioned above. We will need to reschedule the delivery to a day and time you are at home to receive the order and pay in cash. 


Q.I have just received delivery of a product and it is damaged. Who should I contact?

Please call or send us a what's app on +971 55 1965 858  and speak to customer service or email We will take your details and arrange for an immediate replacement. Please refer to our Returns & Refund policy for further details. 

Q. I have ordered the wrong item. What should I do?

If you wish to return a product, please contact us at All returns or exchanges should be completed within 14 days and with a receipt or order confirmation. This is in order for us to complete the necessary paperwork and to check the condition of the returned item which will be either returned to the supplier (damaged goods) or re-sold (returns). A special delivery fee of AED 50 will be applicable in such cases where you have ordered a wrong item and wish to exchange it.

No cash refunds will be given on returned or exchanged items over 50AED. If a suitable alternative is not found, a credit voucher which can be used online will be issued.

We do not accept product returns that are:

- Opened / used pet treats and pet food products

- Opened / used pet healthcare products

- Used / damaged pet accessories

- Items without original tags or damaged tags

- Items bought on sale

Q. Are you able to source particular products for me?

We are always able to make enquiries on your behalf with current suppliers, however some goods that have to be imported attract very high landing costs which in turn means a high cost to the customer and this is something we would like to avoid.

Q. I would like to know more about your Autoship option, where can I find information?

Please click here in order to read more information about our Autoship option. 

Q. How can I register my pet's details and receive a free gift for their birthday?

Please click here in order to create your pet's profile. Once you place an order, close to your pet's birthday, we will ensure to include a small free gift for your furry family member. 

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